Waterford Crystal Appraisals - Pattern Identification & Authentication
by Master Artisan James Connolly

Cost Of Appraisals and Authentication
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Cost Of Appraisals and Authentication

My Fees For Identification, Appraisals, Authentication, Repairs, Consultations
   Question (1) What are my fees?

My fees vary in price, depending on time and research. Considered the best value in the business with excellent customer service. Rates can also be negotiated if you have a lot of crystal pieces for appraisal/ authentication/identification. I will include a safe an easy Pay Pal link for convenient payment. Please email for appraisal quotes

 Question (2) What Do I/You Need to Appraise and Authenticate ?

 Take 1-2 Photos if possible, of each piece, with some close up shots of any markings or any identifying features. Approx. size and dimensions.( Height and Width)

If chipped, please let me know.

Any history involved with the piece will help me determine manufacturer and appraisal value. Basically, I need to see pattern/design/size and any other relevant information.
If the pics are on eBay send me the link and I can take a look. Send all pictures and photos in email attachment,
Be sure to keep the pics small in size (for downloading and email purposes)  
"What I Will Do For You"

Having worked in the crystal business for 36 years, including Waterford Crystal Ireland, Lenox Crystal USA, I am an expert in this field and will give you an honest and un-biased report as to what your crystal is truly worth or if indeed it is authentic/genuine.
I will give a true account in the form of email report in PDF format, from the viewing of photographs and research. Furthermore, this report can be presented to Insurance Companies for Insurance purposes, (Refund for Breakage, etc). 

Report can also be presented to "potential buyers", this will increase your chances of getting your asking price. Consultations and reports on eBay Stores/Vendors are also carried out. I can let you know by visiting their Store. If you need quotes for your Insurance Company, breakage, etc. email me.
If you have any questions, or if I can be of further assistance, 


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