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Repairs & Restoration of Waterford Crystal
How To Remove Chips from your Crystal & Glassware 

To restore or repair Waterford Crystal and remove chips from the rim there are various procedures carried out by the craftsman. First of all, the crystal is inspected to see how deep the chip is and how many millimeters it is down from the rim.

Then it is placed on a concentric marking wheel where a light permanent marker is held to the spinning goblet just below the chip, then the grinding process begins with great care.

The rim of the goblet is then smoothed down on a Diamond Wheel just below where the chip ends, this gives a perfect concentric level to the rim and the chip is removed. In order to have a smooth feel and not to cut your lips the next stage of the process is known as beveling crystal the hand cut glass.

Beveling is a two-stage process, which requires outer and inner rim to be smoothed and all fine chips removed. The outer rim is the easiest bevel to perform but a small diamond wheel needs to be used to bevel the inner rim and great care needs to be taken using this technique.

The final stage is polishing, using pumice and cerium oxide on a felt wheel, restoring your crystal back to its illustrious finish. It is best to hire an expert for this type of crystal restoration.

It can be quite expensive having a chip professionally removed and can cost anywhere in the region of $15 -$25 per stem, depending on how deep the chip is. Sometimes its even cheaper to have the piece replaced altogether. But there is another less expensive and easier way of removing the chip yourself and that is with this little Daimond Tool. You can gently grind out the chip by using this tool, this way at least you can use the glass again and wont have to go to a lot of expense. This Diamond Tool really works and there has been very good reviews on this product. Good to have it on hand for that glass or crystal chip emergency and you can use it over and over again. It costs something like $18 but well worth it.

Product Description
A little chip in a crystal wine glass is no reason to throw it in the garbage. For a small investment, this Crystal Saver file fixes those sharp points and saves plenty of money in replacement costs. The 4-inch-long, half-round file is coated with a coarse grit of diamonds, one of the hardest known materials. As such, this file is hard enough to repair any delicate material, including other glassware, china, or ceramic goods. A few light strokes over the chip with the moistened file safely smoothes jagged edges. The round side takes care of dips in the glass or ceramic and the flat side sands down sharp corners. The file is embedded in a faceted faux-crystal 4-inch handle that is comfortable to hold during use. DMT claims that other imitations of this product are out there but they created the original and most effective. --Cristina Vaamond

Here is what one happy customer had to say ~
Great item - works very well. I'm already smoothing chipped edges for friends' glassware & crystal since I finished repairing all of mine. This item will make your glassware usable so that you don't worry about cuts on fingers & lips! Highly recommend!

If you need your Waterford Crystal or Hand Cut Glass professionally repaired or any other types of crystal glassware or china. I can help!

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