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by Master Artisan James Connolly

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The life of a Waterford Crystal Bowl comes in all shapes and sizes. It starts out on the top of a Blowing Iron as a glob of molten liquid in the blowing department. Then it is formed into the cavity shape of a bowl. The bowl then makes its way to the marking department where the guide lines are expertly put on with permanent markers for the cutters, to perform a series of designs and deep cut patterns.



 Waterford Crystal Bowls can be used for all purposes, for instance to hold fruit, flowers, or a stand alone center piece on a dining room table or hallway for all to admire. Sizes vary, from three inches up to eighteen inches and price ranges from $125.00 to $35,000


Waterford Rose Bowls are very popular and more expensive than the regular bowls. The reason for this is it takes longer to produce because of its shape, rose bowls are very pretty and the Alana pattern is quite popular with its closely prisms of cutting that catches more light. Check out the Rose Bowls on Amazon, from what I can see they have the best prices on the market. Save yourself some money!

The most popular of patterns is the Lismore Design which has a cutting style of forming diamond shapes inside the cuts. Usually, a sixteen point star is cut on the base. Upright cutting is then completed, where all the points are joined on the Waterford Crystal Bowl.


When the cutters are finished cutting, the pattern is then inspected by qualitycontrol and assuming there are no flaws, it makes its way to the Acid Department where it is dipped in a solution to give it the brilliant sparkle and shine.


On completion in the acid department, it is then stamped with the Waterford Etch Mark with the name Waterford and the Seahorse logo. Packed and Shipped to the Store, where one lucky customer will purchase and own it for all to see

To find out what your Crystal Bowl is really worth, or have it identified?










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